Minute Timer

Your online alarm clock to keep things ticking, perfectly

This online timer is the simple and swift countdown timer with alarm. This web-based time counter is clear in layout, quick in functionality and super simple to use and is compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

The online countdown timer is ideal for timing quiz answers, preparing a speech, sports, music and comes in really handy in rescuing a meal from burning, while you are deeply engrossed in work on your computer.

The timer also features a Pause function, which allows you to freeze the clock for as long as you wish, and resume from the same point when you are back ready.

How it works
  • To start the timer, press Timer Settings and select the hour, day, minute or second.
  • Press Start Timer to begin the countdown.
  • When the countdown comes to zero, alarm will go off.
  • The volume of the alarm will depend on your device volume settings.
  • Press the "stop" button to stop alarm.
  • To start again, press the "reset" button.

Note: Please note that alarm uses your device volume and speaker. For some mobile devices audio ringing might not be supported if the website is in background mode.

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